The End of Facebook…for me


I deactivated my Facebook account for the following personal reasons. I want to stress the word personal because people use Facebook for various reasons and I don’t want to insinuate that everyone uses it in the way that I have experienced.

I hoped that Facebook would be a place to share and debate ideas and opinions on current events with “friends.” Unfortunately, What it turned out to be was a place where people advertise events, vent frustrations, boast of their accomplishments or speak of their failures. In a word…it felt selfish, which seems like an impossibility for a social networking site.

To make matters worse, I have no idea who is using my information and for what purpose. Every click can result in granting a company access to all of my personal information regardless of what security measures I take. If I choose to engage in something, I like to feel like I am getting more or equal out of the deal rather than the deal getting more out of me.

So I am going back to blogging which I find more satisfying than facebooking…if there is such a word.

NASA should be more…

NASA is sending something else to Mars and although I’m all for exploration, I have to ask, what is the end game?

The mission this time is to, “dig deep,” while in the meantime we have to dig deep in supporting this mission.

It’s not cheap to send these things into outer space. The least NASA could do is to answer the “so what” question and don’t tell me it’s because you are looking for water or classifying rocks. I want to know what NASA is doing to help this planet such as finding ways to remove CO2 from the air or help to design zero emission vehicles or planes that don’t have windows that blow out at 35000 feet or passenger planes that don’t pollute the sky.

NASA has the means of being a department that can be a big contributor to our environmental challenges.

why isn’t it?