What is a President

Lately, this is what I have been hearing about Donald’s Presidency. I hear that, yea…he’s a bit rough around the edges but the fact is that our economy is good and jobs are growing. In other words, we should ignore what he says and be happy that growth is up.

Well…that’s a bit difficult for me.

The President that I vote for is one that posses similar values that I do. I value respect in all human beings, I value empathy and compassion, family values. I value education and the protection of the environment. I vote for a president that believes that we all inhabit the same planet, breathe the same air and understands that we are all mortal.


When this president mocks the disabled, women, and anyone that is not on his side. When this president doesn’t posses the bravery of an American to stand up to our neighbors.When this president shuts out the news agencies that are contrary to his views or challenges him on his so called policies, I cringe.


Because he doesn’t speak for me for a President is the singular voice of the people.