End of an Error

It’s sad, but not surprising that Trump has chosen to remain in the clubhouse even after being voted out…the other members of the club are beside themselves. “What should we do,” they say. They feel sorry for the guy. He’s moping about the White House trying to find away to change the current state of affairs.

Unfortunately, there isn’t.

Trump should not have been elected in the first place and I believe he was exploited for his ignorance. Republicans wanted a high profile person to get them in the White House no matter if that person had no idea of how to run a country…there were people in the White House that would take over the important decision making. Trump would just be the face of the Republican Party…like Trump Steaks and Trump University. It’s not like Trump actually butchered the cow or taught at his university…he was just a face – Like Tillie (we New Jerseyans know who Tillie is).

It’s the end of an error and hopefully it wont be repeated…it’s not a good look when the village votes for the village idiot. Unfortunately, repeat this error we might, we have a habit of not learning from our mistakes. There are still so many Americans that are  willing to vote for Trump, especially Hispanics…this I am both surprised and sadden by. Being Hispanic myself, I could not support a person that called me a rapist and killer, did not support Puerto Rico in time of need, separated Hispanic families and placed their children in cages. Yet, at the same time, Trump wouldn’t think twice in hiring them to work at his casinos,  hotels and build his golf courses…WTF.

Unless there are thousands of Hispanics with 401ks, I can’t fathom any of us voting for Trump, unless there is another reason…because he was the guy in the Apprentice, because they think that Trump will get mad or because Trump is a tragic figure that is worthy of pity or because they are easily manipulated…I’d go with easily manipulated and here’s why.

Many Hispanics from socialist countries have been manipulated into believing that the United States, if voted for Biden, would turn into a Socialist country…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, this is never going to happen. It never has and never will and yet people are so gullible to believe that it will. The Socialist argument has been used for years and it has never happened.

America is the “land of the free and the home of the brave”…let’s not add “country of the scammed” to the list.

What’s in a Can

So you feel like a can of chicken noodle soup.

You go into the cupboard and find everything but chicken noodle soup. However, there is a can that just happens to have the label ripped off and you have no idea what it is. You look around the outside of the can for some clue, but to no avail. So you decide to open the can – so you flip up the tab and pull. Once the can is opened, you look inside but you still aren’t certain. You give the contents a sniff but you’re still not certain so you get a small sauce pan and pour the contents into the sauce pan. Looking at the soup you see, carrots, small chunks of chicken and noodles. A smile comes across your face as you fire up the stove.

So, if we can do this for a can of soup, why don’t we do this for a human being.

We live by labels to such a degree that we have diminished ourselves as such…we have lowered ourselves to the level of a can of soup, a box of cereal, a carton of milk.

Left, right – conservative, liberal – democrat, republican – gay, straight – Karen (whatever the hell that means).

We have lost our way.

The reality is that we are an amalgam of all of these descriptions but have become so insensitive or lazy to take the time to learn and understand one another. We’d rather resort to a label because its safe…because its easy.

We are better than that.