Who is the Serpent?

I am not a man of god nor do I believe in god, however, the Bible, on the other-hand is chock full of parables from which we can extrapolate and find commonality. One such parable is the story found in Genesis of the encounter with the Serpent.

“The Serpent is portrayed as a deceptive creature or trickster, who promotes as good what God had forbidden and shows particular cunning in its deception”

This rings true in our lifetime more than ever. In the past, the Serpent couldn’t reach us as easily due to the lack of technology. Today, with hundreds of access points to our eyes, ears and minds, the Serpent can find an audience on every corner of the globe.

The Serpent is relentless, ruthless and without morals or compassion. His only purpose is to feed in order to increase his need for power and control.

The Serpent is one, but the one has spawned many that do his bidding. They pretend that they are strong by speaking loud, and telling anyone that watches that they are being told of false flags, pizza-gate, government conspiracies, Sandy Hook didn’t happen, ect…and more people than I can imagine, have been hypnotised by their false messages.

Today, one of the Serpent’s minions has been exposed for who and what he is, a nervous, shaking, sweating, bug-eyed shell of a man.…a weak minded little man with fantasies of some day having a seat at the table. But, the Serpent never shares his table…watching with glee in his dining room as the insurrection unfolded …alone.

The story of the Serpent is an important one for this moment in time. Like I said, I am not a man of God nor do I believe in God. However, I sure do hope that I am not the only one that is able to understand what is happening.