Right to Bear Arms (part 1)


The Second Amendment of our Constitution was ratified in 1791. Before then, “The Brown Bess muzzle-loading smoothbore musket was one of the most commonly used weapons in the American Revolution” (Wikipedia).

The Brown Bess, “was capable of firing approximately three to four shots per minute and was a “flint-lock musket, meaning it would use flint in order to spark the gunpowder loaded into the gun to eventually cause the metal ball/bullet to leave the barrel” (Wikipedia).

When the founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment, this was the type of weapon that was on their minds not the type of assault rifles we have today. Frankly, I believe that if these men were brought back from the dead today, they would be ashamed and question why we did not do anything to amend the Second Amendment so that it protects us from ourselves.


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