America STRIKES First?


Trump gave the ok to bomb an airfield in Syria because the Assad regime attacked Syrians through the use of chemical weapons. Does this mean that Trump now has empathy toward the Syrian refugees seeking asylum? Will he take Syria off the list of banned countries suspected of “Radical Islamic Terrorism?” Is this the stance that Trump is going to take every time something like this happens in any country? What if Israel decides to bomb Palestinians by targeting a hospital or a school filled with children? What would Trump do if he were to view the images of Colombians with their heads chopped off by the drug cartels? Will Trump bomb any country that passes his sympathy test?

What happed to America first?

Maybe he misspoke…maybe what he wanted to say was America STRIKES first.

TrumPuppet’s fire, ready, aim mentality has consequences far beyond his inability to see upfield. He essentially chose to go to war with Syria, a country that is allied with Russia. Does he really believe that they will not retaliate in some way shape or form – does he not know that Russia is a nuclear country?

I hate to sound fatalistic but…the worst is yet to come.

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