The Illusion of Power


Does “Power” exist?

Of course is does, in the traditional sense,

  • Electricity powers our homes and devices
  • Gas powers or vehicles, lawn mowers and stoves
  • Sun and wind are also a sources of power

Obviously, this is not the power that I wish to focus on, it’s the other one. The one that makes us feel invincible. The one that makes us feel that we are entitled because we have the “Power” to do so; the Weinstein’s, Trumps and Martins out there, to name a few, that believe that just because they have reached a place of status in their careers that they are entitled to whatever they please…without retribution.

But power is but an illusion; do we say that men and women that have arrived at a high level of status in their careers are guided by some external fuel source that govern their choices…I hope not.

We should not confuse “Power” with status.

The ones that have reached a level of status in their field and used their influence for personal pleasure with malice, made the conscience choice to do so.

As victims, we can never forget that we are all humans and humans are fallible.

  • The only difference between a member of the Corps de Ballet and a Principal Dancer is the level of craftsmanship.
  • The only difference between a student and a professor is the level of scholarship.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we should never put anyone on a pedestal…they can’t handle it. instead, people that have aspired to a higher level of status in their career should be commended for their accomplishments but not worshipped or feared.

We are all humans, and we are all fallible.

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