The End of Facebook…for me


I deactivated my Facebook account for the following personal reasons. I want to stress the word personal because people use Facebook for various reasons and I don’t want to insinuate that everyone uses it in the way that I have experienced.

I hoped that Facebook would be a place to share and debate ideas and opinions on current events with “friends.” Unfortunately, What it turned out to be was a place where people advertise events, vent frustrations, boast of their accomplishments or speak of their failures. In a word…it felt selfish, which seems like an impossibility for a social networking site.

To make matters worse, I have no idea who is using my information and for what purpose. Every click can result in granting a company access to all of my personal information regardless of what security measures I take. If I choose to engage in something, I like to feel like I am getting more or equal out of the deal rather than the deal getting more out of me.

So I am going back to blogging which I find more satisfying than facebooking…if there is such a word.

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