Trump’s Hater Nation

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Seeking negative attention for attention sake fosters a culture of hate that, if not contained, spreads like wildfire.

It’s the WWF model for corrupting and destroying a nation…a bit extreme but true. There are 2 reasons why people go to see professional wrestling…because they want to see their favorite wrestlers and to see the wrestlers they hate…the villains. To the WWF, the only thing that matters are the people that watch. The reasons why they watch doesn’t matter. However, if more people are watching to see the wrestlers they hate, of course the WWF will accommodate.

The Barr phenom is not that different. Rosanne Barr has a history of doing things that fuel hate and in turn, increase her rating. When she made a mockery of the Star Spangled Banner in the 90’s, she increased her hater rating and made her more appealing…more marketable. As a result, media corporations ignore the negative consequences of her actions because they see dollar signs in respect to her ratings…people will seek her out because they hate her.

Trump and his, “right hand troll,” Stephen Miller is no different.

Personally, I would do the opposite.

There was a friend of mine on Facebook that made it her business to say things or support a point of view that was completely far fetched and would not listen to reason or consider that she may be a bit off base on some of the issues that she was supporting. This created an environment that kept people engaged if only to tell her that she was completely nuts. To her it didn’t matter because people kept supplying her with attention. Needless to say I had to Face-block her because I would not continue to support her with my attention.

As a matter of fact…I also deactivated my Facebook account because it serves the needs of others but not myself.

Fortunately, Rosanne Barr is now on everyone’s poo poo list. However, It’s only a matter of time when another company is going to see dollar signs because of the amount of haters that she has amassed.

So how will it all end…what’s the end game?

There are so many angry people in this country that Trump’s motto should be, “Make America Hate Again” and without any safeguards or a moral compass, this country is going to go careening off the rails.

The best that people can do is to not tune in. Whenever you encounter a person that is craving your attention through hate…don’t scream and shout, tune them out.

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