KICK ME…Melania Falls for the Oldest Trick in the Book

To say that the jacket she wore that has, “I really don’t care, do you?” written big, bold and white on the back, is nothing but a jacket without hidden meaning, is a slap in the face to any American.

In America, everything has meaning and if you are the First Lady, that is lesson number one…look what happened to Michelle Obama when she wore a sleeveless dress.

Ok, my mistake…maybe Melania threw the jacket on in haste before she left the White House 😒

This is what I think, some staffer at the White House gave it to her to put on and she hadn’t taken the time to read what was on the back and her Secret Service detail didn’t bother to tell her resulting in Melania falling for one of the oldest tricks in the book…the dreaded KICK ME practical joke.

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