Detaining Children…Not Sexy

Trump will never take the blame for anything. So when his knuckle headed plan to separate children from their mothers and fathers as a deterrence to keep families from fleeing across our borders into the US, failed…Trump chumped and bailed.

Even though he couldn’t man up and take the blame, at least something will be done to keep the families together…if it actually happens.

I could see why Donald decided to break up the family unit in the first place. I don’t think that Donald has a thorough grasp of the concept of love and family. He may think of himself as provider, showering his children with money. Maybe a person that fosters autonomy by sending all of his kids off to boarding school. Lastly, a father that stands strong and not showing weakness by avoiding the usual family trappings like taking his family to a park, organizing family gatherings or just giving his children a hug.

Hey…where is his family?

Just wondering.

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